Make sure to hire a registered electrician in Cardiff

If you need an electrician, Cardiff has over 100 registered electrical contractors qualified for domestic and commercial work in all parts of the Welsh capital. Don’t take chances using someone who is “good with electrics” – you need a competent electrician working in your Cardiff home and business. All the electricians on this register are based in and around Cardiff City, South Glamorgan. They are qualified, insured and checked regularly by a government-backed scheme provider. They will issue the relevant electrical and building compliance certificates where necessary.

Don’t settle for an unregistered Cardiff electrician

All electricians in Cardiff registered with a trade body are checked for competence with all electrical work carried out to the latest wiring regulations. Because of this, they can sign off their work and issue you with the necessary documents so you won’t have any problems with the¬†quality of installation, or caught out with missing paperwork requested by an insurer or at the time of sale. One of the dangers of not using a registered electrical contractor is they may not be working to the latest wiring regulations or even insured to work in your Welsh home or business.

Many Cardiffians believe it safe to DIY small electrical items such as light fittings and socket outlets and say they would not attempt more involved mains work Рsuch as installing a shower or outdoor socket. The truth is any electric item can present a risk of shock or fire if fitted incorrectly.  Mis-wired accessories and loose connections are things professional electricians often find when carrying out inspections or resolving work not installed using best practice methods in homes and businesses in the CF area.

Take a look at the directory listings and get in touch with your local electrical contractor. With over 100 registered electricians, Cardiff has plenty to choose from – wherever you are based.